Cynthia Baker, LMFT, Local Advocate and Activist

"Ami Chen Mills has the leadership skills, courage, values and perspective to effectively respond to the homeless crisis, climate change and other crucial local issues. She represents a unique voice and bold step forward from the status quo. 


"Her spirit of inclusiveness and compassion is a breath of fresh air in these politically divisive times. As a psychotherapist, I know it is imperative for the mental health of our community to see our local leaders effectively addressing the issues that are impacting our lives and threatening our future. I wholeheartedly endorse Ami’s candidacy.” 

Michael Levy, Transition Santa Cruz Founder, Climate Activist, Musician, Community Organizer 

“During our time together as activists, Ami repeatedly put forth bold and intelligent initiatives and facilitated meetings calmly even when things were contentious. I also know her as a good friend and a dedicated mother, determined to leave a livable Earth for her children–as a dedicated volunteer on the City Advisory Committee on Homelessness, as a fine journalist and writer, and as a personal support to scores of people worldwide through her spiritual community.”

Campaign for Sustainable Transportation 

Gloria Nieto, Community Activist, First Latin@-Lesbian speaker at Democratic National Convention, DEI Consultant, Santa Cruz Woman of the Year (2x), Board Co-chair, Santa Cruz Community Health Center

Mahlon Aldridge, Social Entrepreneur


Adam Bolaños Scow, Statewide Environmental Advocate and Local Music Instructor 


“Santa Cruz County desperately needs new leadership to turn the tide on our growing housing and climate crises. I’m excited to support Ami Chen Mills who will work and fight for sensible solutions for all people in our County.”

Jane Weed-Pomerantz, Former SC City Councilmember and Mayor; long time community activist for social, environmental & economic justice; Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

“Ami brings a willingness to take those issues facing our community to new and deeper levels. She listens carefully, forges agreement and encourages real action on vital social issues and approaching climate devastation. She understands both the urgency and also the need to engage more people in finding solutions. She will work well with state and local entities to promote effective and visionary policies to address homelessness, assure sustainable economic development and green energy solutions.”   

Showing Up for Racial Justice, Santa Cruz



Cheryl Schmitt, Retired City of Santa Cruz Transportation Coordinator

"Ami’s smart; she’s tenacious and she’s motivated by love."



Nora Hochman, Longtime Union Organizer and Representative, Community Activist, Member, Elected member, SCDCC


“Ami Chen Mills is a humanitarian. She has a deep caring for people that are hurting; and an innate ability to translate her depth of feeling for people to policy considerations to improve our quality of life. Her commitment to elevating the climate crisis to policy priority is critical for our future. Her dedication to equity in all things makes her an outstanding people’s candidate”  


“Ami Chen Mills will do what she says she will do and I trust her for that reason.”


Faith Brown UCSC Student, Black Lives Matter Organizer


 “I believe Ami has the best interests in her heart for all people of Santa Cruz—including minorities and youth. She has the ability to bring real change for the better in Santa Cruz County.”


Lynda Marin, Community Leader: Citizens Climate Lobby, Bonny Doon Resident, Founding Board Member, Fund for Nonviolence, Activist for Climate and Social Justice 


“When I first met Ami, I watched her jump in with both feet to impact the climate crisis. This is a woman who really acts. Now I know Ami acts on many issues that challenge all of us. I'm heartened that she will put every ounce of passion and curiosity and good thinking into this campaign and her role as Supervisor.”

Batya Kagan, MFT, Climate Activist, Biologist 


“Ami is a brilliant, community minded and thoughtful leader who GETS THINGS DONE. I absolutely trust her values and am impressed by her extensive network of leaders from many communities. Her dedication to local climate action is particularly inspiring to me and has given people the opportunity, the encouragement and the courage needed to take bold action.”

Dave Nichols, former Director of Habitat for Humanity, Charlotte, NC; and the Lakewood Community Development Corporation; and Project Partner, National Community Resiliency Project


"Have you met someone who listens and hears beyond criticism to creativity? Beyond passion to

engagement? Beyond concern to community? Beyond anguish to resilience? Have you met someone who

transforms confusion into clarity and talk into action? Have you met someone who converts your

innermost fears and eager hopes into movements building a just, healthy, and sustainable life for all?

Have you met someone who innately knows freedom and responsibility are inseparable?


"Oh, then you’ve had the good fortune to have met Ami Chen Mills."

Chris Krohn, Former Santa Cruz Mayor and City Councilmember, SC4Bernie, People’s Democratic Club, Empty Homes Tax and Our Downtown, Our Future steering committees, KSQD 90.7 Programmer, and Environmental Studies 17-year Internship Director


“I'm supporting Ami Chen Mills because of her climate activism and intellect. She will carry forward proven policy in addressing the existential issue of our time: climate disruption. As a former member of the city’s Homeless Advisory Committee, she brings expertise and energy to begin working on real solutions to our homeless emergency on day one. Ami has an ability to work with other policymakers in finding answers. She represents fresh perspectives and will not be carrying old political baggage into this race.” 


Skye Leona, RScP, Spiritual Counselor, Local Artist 


“I thank Ami for all the caring and love she has shown for our planet through her dedicated work on all our behalf. I want to see her on the Board of Supervisors so that she can continue that work with the resources and leverage she needs.”


Celina Malabey, Cabrillo Graduate, Working Mother, Accountant 


“Ami has been a true friend and inspiration to me for nearly a decade. She is kind and compassionate as well as strong and outspoken. Her ability to truly listen and willingness to fight for change make her a force to be reckoned with.”

Larry Williams, Former Director, Delta Citizens Alliance, Mississippi Delta, Project Partner


“We invited Ami to the Delta to work with us on some of the most intractable issues we face as a nation, in one of the poorest and most challenged areas of the nation. We did not know she would help to transform even our individual lives for the better. I know Ami as a person of the highest integrity, who speaks her mind with intelligence, listens deeply and is also a fierce champion of social and racial justice, locally and globally. She gets things done across multiple tasks, at multiple levels and with multiple talents.” 

Rob Cook, Retired Veteran, Coach, Speaker and Founder of unFIT

"Ami has excellent experience building and growing communities. She has shown deep knowledge and incredible skills in being a loving and peaceful activist for marginalized voices. Ami has continuously operated with respect and integrity while adhering to high professional standards. Overall, she is highly competent and would be an outstanding County Supervisor. I endorse Ami without reservations."


Ellen Aldridge, Attorney and Mom

"Ami brings years of experience helping people in conflict work together. She’s a great listener, and creative thinker, which we need to work on the serious issues facing our County. Her support of exploring alternatives to police response to folks in mental health crisis is why she has my support."


Chantal Burns - Founder, Conscious Leadership School & Best-selling Author

"When it comes to speaking truth to power, tackling injustice, addressing issues that many shy away from, Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a beacon of light. Her wisdom, clarity, compassion and strong leadership make her the right leader for these times. In an era of unprecedented challenges including our biggest threat - climate change - we need strong leaders who can mobilise and inspire change. It's no surprise that Ami Chen Mills-Naim has stepped up to the plate once again. She’s a force to be reckoned with.” 

David Houghton PE, Energy Engineer and Educator

“Ami passionately believes that we have the power to make positive change, and she turns that passion into action.” 

Dr. Shane Hill Clinical Psychologist, Santa Cruz

"I have known Ami Chen Mills for over a decade.  She is a strong, clear-minded, heart-felt leader and a powerful advocate for environmental Issues -- which are essential for the survival of our children and our community."

Andy Shapiro, local educator and political organizer

"I've known Ami more than half my life. She is a thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, compassionate activist who cares deeply about taking care of our environment, mitigating the worst impacts of climate change, ensuring that there are reasonable housing alternatives for our county's residents, protecting the character of neighborhoods, and bringing people together in respectful dialogue around even the most contentious issues in our community."

Hal Plotkin, Former Senior Policy Advisor, Obama Administration Department of Education

“I’ve known Ami for decades. When I met her, Ami was a fearless local investigative reporter taking on cheaters and frauds to protect the public interest and those without power. She moved on to lead and run a respected national non-profit. She is kind, brilliant, open, a fierce and effective opponent of Donald Trump, a dedicated environmentalist, a natural leader, and an abiding inspiration to her many friends. Ami is exactly the kind of person we need in office to make our democracy work again.  She has my complete support. Please vote for Ami Chen Mills for Supervisor.”


Elizabeth M. Lykins, PA-C, Urgent Care Advanced Practice Clinician, Santa Cruz

"I wholeheartedly endorse Ami Chen Mills for Supervisor. For many years, she has been a tireless defender of social justice and shedding light on the climate crisis. She is skilled at team building and taking a fresh look at social issues, including mental illness. Her approach to problem-solving would be a welcome change to 'business-as-usual' in the political arena. 


"In 2020, when we were on lockdown and did not have enough PPE for patients in urgent care, I reached out to Ami and within days, she had acquired a variety of masks by rallying her social network (many of them hand sewn). That is the kind of leadership that Santa Cruz needs: passionate, calm, tenacious, skilled in communication and networking, an innate sense of social justice, and love for the planet we all share.

Heidi Harmon, Former Mayor, San Luis Obsipo, currently working on a California Green New Deal

More endorsements to come.