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I am a non-profit director, mental health educator, and mother of two teens who has lived in Santa Cruz for nearly 30 years. Santa Cruz County needs innovative leadership to address the worsening problems of climate crisis, housing and homelessness. We need vision.


I am also a Chinese-American woman who will bring a fresh voice, our region’s rich Asian history, and heart to the Board of Supervisors.

About six years ago, I watched as the Ochre sea stars (starfish) dissolved and died at Mitchell’s Cove beach, a place I took my young children often to play in the tide pools. I learned this was partially due to ocean heating and climate change. I became a dedicated and passionate advocate and activist, lobbying our local and national elected officials to avert climate disaster. To this day, I have not seen the kind of leadership I believe we need now—including from my opponents in this race who now serve on the City Council.

I am not a career politician. I am not seeking the prestige nor money that comes with this position. I am a woman who cares deeply about our community, our youth and our ability to live well on this planet.


Amidst devastating fires and a worsening housing crisis, we need

vision and courage from our elected leaders. We cannot bury our heads in the sand. Solutions are at hand but we need the creativity and political will to move them. Our youth must feel inspired by County leadership on climate. 


I will fight for housing solutions for the middle class, working people and those unsheltered. I support local businesses, sustainable, organic and regenerative agriculture, water conservation, and local, renewable energy for our County so we are resilient and prepared. I will also meet regularly with constituents on the North Coast and in Bonny Doon to ensure that we have adequate fire protection and are doing all we can to assist in rebuilding homes lost in the CZU complex fires and addressing unincorporated county concerns.


"Ami is a fierce advocate for the fair treatment of every man, woman, human and child on the planet—with a passion and genius for bringing out the mental health in communities."

—Michael Neill, bestselling author of "The Inside-Out Revolution” and "Creating the Impossible"

For 30 years, I worked extensively with cities and counties nationally to improve juvenile justice, alternative schools, human and homeless services and communities at risk. I have worked with county employees across departments to optimize efficiency, teamwork

and individual resilience. I served on the Westlake Elementary School Site Council, the Santa Cruz Community Advisory Committee

on Homelessness (CACH), Safe Streets program with Ecology Action, (as well as leading their Master Composter training program) and the Board for the Conflict Resolution Center (CRC).

Save the Planet


I am running because our young people, and all people, need to feel a sense of hope, inclusion and inspiration about their leadership in this County during a challenging time for our region, nation and the world.                                  

I am running because we need to implement the best and most innovative ideas we can to solve the central issues we face:

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